Web Site Developement

We offer basic web sites that get your message out without breaking the bank and YOU stay in control. Many firms charge thousands for what we can do for significantly less, plus they want to lock you into their expensive hosting plan. We stay independant of the hosting providers and work for YOU. We'll find the provider that works best and is price right for what you have planned. Maybe your small buisness, club or organization just needs help getting started and then you can maintain the minor day-to-day changes, schedules and upcoming events. Your site is the type we work best with!

We also work to make it easy to update your site, so you and your organization can make changes, as needed, without having to ask permission from someone else. Or maybe you want someone to post those weekly changes for you, but won't charge you $50-100 for 10 minutes work to update a schedule or picture. Either way, we can work with you!

Already have a site and hosting service, but just want a face lift? No problem! We can overhaul many sites for under $100! Of course the the final cost will be determined by the features you want, the overall size, and the time it takes, but the more you are willing to contribute, the less your site will cost.

Your message - Your content: isn't that what your site is about?


Current Projects

Here's a few of the sites I am currently working with.