Technical Analisys

If you are having a technical problem in your business, let us help. Sometimes getting an outside perspective is the key that unlocks the solution you need, whether the problem is determining if your company needs to hire more staff, purchase more equipment, or just reorganize what you have now.

We can function as your technical staff when evaluating proposals from technology vendors for things such as telephone systems, networked office equipment, or even large billing/ERP/management systems. We make sure the all the questions are asked so that you know what this purchase will cost today, two years from now and even five years from now. We look for the hidden costs the sales reps don't want to tell you about.

We can also assist in evaluating the techincal level of your staff. If you have concerns about the capabilties of your staff with reguard to computer systems, we can help you determine where they are and what would be the correct method for bringing them where they need to be: whether college classes, application siminars, or on-site workshops.