Data Recovery/Emergency Data Recovery

Dead hard drives, deleted files, obsolete media (remember floppies?), and even tape. Your data may not really be gone!

STOP: Call us NOW!

If your hard drive is making noise, your files have disappeared, or you have deleted an important file, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR COMPUTER ON! The longer your computer runs, the less likely it is that your files can be recovered. Regardless of who you use to recover your data, turning the computer off RIGHT NOW is the most important step for you to take to improve the likelihood of successful data recovery.

Facts about data recovery

Most files that are deleted can be recovered in short order by a competent tech. So can the data on most "dead" hard drives. And not all "dead" hard drives need to be sent off to a lab. Unless your drive, disks, tapes or other media has been in a fire or under water, we can probably get some, if not all, of your important data back. Recovery done at our shop is billed by actual time spent, not the time it takes. While some "dead" drives take weeks to recover, the actual time spent by the tech is usually 1-3 hours.


Our recovery services start at $85/hr for a scheduled job. On site emergencies are $150 for the first hour and $85/hr there after. We can usually tell if your data is recoveralbe within the first 15 minutes, though actual recovery time for all data will be difficult to estimate.

Data recovery from obsolete media is $65-85/hr dependant on the equipment required.

We can not break strong encryption, and will not attempt to "crack" password protected files & systems unless you show proof that you are the legal owner of the files or systems in question.